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Swiping isn't just for dating anymore.

Your next great contact is waiting. Find your your next great professional contact today.

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Help your attendees network more efficiently at events.

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An entirely new way to

connect with other professionals.

Swipe anonymously through a daily deck of profiles chosen for you based on your interests.

People Are Your #1 Asset | #stopawkwardnetworking

Watch how Valor Connect makes building a professional network easier than ever before. Think of the last big event you were at… could this technology have helped?

A Robust API

Our team will work with you to integrate the networking technology into your event app. Limited development effort required on your end. We’re happy to work with you on custom requests.

A Powerful Admin Portal

Learn valuable information about your attendees – how they describe themselves professionally, the types of people they’re interested in meeting, gaps between those two and more.

An Impactful Solution

Attendees are at your event primarily for two reasons: the content and the networking. Our technology allows them to maximize the value of the event and helps ensure they keep coming back year after year.

It’s time to provide better event networking.

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Valor Connect is the future of networking. It just makes sense.

– Pat Costa

Lehigh University

With Valor, I've done more networking in the past 24 hours than I have in the last month.

– Harper Berman

Young Professional

Valor makes it easy to connect with people based on specific interests. It's simple user interface helps create quick connections.

– Stevie Joelie

Early Adopter

The Valor App was the most unique way I've seen to connect with the right people in order to optimize my time at a conference.

– Steve Boerner

Hatch House Ventures